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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG



Marksmanship & Universal Physics

"The chemical energy of the firing is converted into Kinetic Energy of motion along with an increase in momentum for the now-speeding bullet which, due to the reluctance of the inertia of its mass, upon striking the target causes considerable damage as its Kinetic Energy performs work on the target and its momentum is reduced back to zero."
There is a long silence....

May 11. 2006
300 H&H - The most versatile magnum

The 375 H&H dates back to 1912 and the British wanted a long range calibre and designed it around the very same case, necked down to a .308 calibre during 1920.
In 1935, Ben Comfort won the prestigious 1000 yard Wimbledon Cup with his 300 H&H which led to Winchester chambering for the calibre in 1937.
It is now 80 Years later and the 300H&H is still the most practical and useful magnum in the .300 calibre range.

October 29. 2003
The 9.3x62 mm Mauser is making a strong come back!  

The 9,3 x 62 mm Mauser was never intended to compete in the big bore market for use on elephant and buffalo, but rather for farmers who needed an all-round rifle to provide meat for their labourers and themselves. Otto Bock's cartridge was designed in 1905 and it was available in an affordable bolt-action Mauser, cheaper than British rifles, and hence it became an extremely popular working rifle.

October 28. 2003
Is there magic in a case's shoulder angle relative to its neck length?

This leads to the question if there is not perhaps a magic ratio between the shoulder angle and the length of the case neck. Both cartridges have the same case length of 1.515" which is considered "short". It is a known fact that shorter and fatter cases yield more velocity for the same amount of powder in relation to longer cases, but the fact that they are consistently winning competitions, seems to suggest that an ideal position or 'sweetspot' has been hit

October 26. 2003
Hornady XTP penetration test  

Firing a Hornady XTP bullet into wet phonebooks, gives us some good indications on how this bullet penetrates and what wound channel it will cause. See how the 40 S&W stood up against the 30-06 Springfield.

September 3. 2003
The Sixpack Shooting Contest 2002  

This national competition gathers marksmen from all around the country, competing at extreme accuracy at 600 yards. The start fee is 10 bucks and a six pack of beer! And the first prize… –More six-packs then you can carry.

December 22. 2002
Does it take more then 1.63 shots to bring down a moose?
In this article we will look at a survey where 12529 of this large animals where shot. The average distance it ran and how many shots did it take, are revealed here. Eleven different calibers are being compared.
December 9. 2002
Perforating both Bill and Bob and not stopping before Ms Johnson neighbor.
-The action by a 30-06 Springfield bullet.
It’s not as dramatically as it sounds, but when test firing into telephone books, you should expect traveling right trough your entire neighborhood, even a few surrounding towns.
So why keep shooting in telephone books?
December 8. 2002

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