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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG




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Mini FAQ:

Q. I have already registered and activated my account, but when I try to log in it says that my login is invalid or that user doesn’t exist.
A. There are separate registrations for gaining access the Premium section and for access to the Forum. Registering at one of them, doesn’t give you automatically access to the other.
Link to
Premium registration and to Forum registration.

Q. I registered at the Forum, but still can't log in. What is wrong?
A. Remember to click on the activation link sent in the activation email. This email was sent to the mail address you registered with. If you are an AOL customer, you must copy-paste the url (link) in to your web browser.

Q. When I try to register at the Forum, I can't get pass the Policy Agreement. It just keeps reloading. How do I get beyond this page?
A. Previous users that have reported such a loop, reports back that they are using Symantec Internet Security (Norton). Try to disable this application (right-click on the icon in the sys tray) and reload the page.

Q. I submitted a load, but is still in the "Unverified state". Is it rejected?
A. No, not at all, but it will not be verified before I am back from vacation.

Q. I found some missing equipment. Could you please add "Press Brand X"?
A. The Equipment section was released just a few days ago. I didn't manage to complete all brands and types. If you have a request, please post it anyway. This I can rank it on my To-Do list.

Q. I looked at the frontpage for my calibre, but there is no loads for the bullet I am looking for. Can you please send all loads for my calibre to me?
A. Sorry. If you can't find the load under the calibres frontpage, it doesn't exist on this site. Nor can I export all loads in a particular calibre.

If you have any questions or comments to ReloadersNest, please fill out this form and we will answer you as best we can.
All feedback is welcomed.

Just a few reminders:
-We don’t have loads that are not available on this site.
-No Yellow Pages. We don’t host a list of all suppliers for all different products.

The best place to get answers regarding reloading, where to buy, odd calibers, unlisted loads, etc, is at the Forum. There are a lot of highly knowledgeable reloaders hanging around there.


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I have problems with the forum.
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