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Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

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14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG



Redding Competition Bushing Style - Neck Sizing Dies

The revolutionary new Redding Competition Neck Sizing Die with interchangeable bushings brings an advanced level of precision to Competition Shooters. Similar in design concept to our Competition Seating Die, the cartridge case is completely supported and aligned with the sizing bushing before the sizing process begins. As the sizing process starts, the cartridge case remains supported in the tightly chambered, sliding sleeve as it moves upward while the resizing bushing self-centers on the case neck. The decapping rod is maintained in precise alignment by using the internal parts of the die as a linear support much like that of a firing pin. Meanwhile, the micrometer adjustment of the bushing position delivers precise control to the desired amount of neck length to be sized. Although this die was designed for use by Competition Shooters who have meticulously prepared their cartridge cases and do not wish to use a sizing button, carbide size button kits are available separately. Refer to Bushing Style Dies Chart for kit numbers by caliber.


Suggested Retail Price USD
  From 108.0
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User reviews of the Redding Competition Bushing Style - Neck Sizing Dies :
I use these dies for a 6mm PPC, 6mm BR, .222, and a 6.5 X.284. They give excellent results. Very good concentricity, very easy on the brass, and most of all gives match quality accuracy in finished ammo. I like to only partially size the neck and these are so easily adjustable. Highly recommended. Lonnie
Submitted by:
These dies are best used with cases that have consistant necks, any uneven neck thickness will allow vairable bullet pull,(because the neck a sized from the OD, thus as the neck thickness viaries so does the ID. As the neck sizing ring is allowed to float and is not held dimensionally (radially concentic) with the body of the die, it also becomes important to have even anealling around the neck as well as a uniform neck thickness (Lapua cases are good, my remington are ordinary);-this is neccessary to ensure the necks are swagged evenly radially around their circumference, (otherwise the soft or thin parts of the neck swage and the hard or thick parts dont;- this would allow the necks to shift from being concentric with the bodies of the cases. These dies should be used with dimensionally consistent cases or the cases need to be neck turned for the best results.I dont find these dies load remington cases .308,22/250,with less runout than the cheaper dies, I think alot of the hype is wishful thinking unless you spend time on case preparation.
Submitted by: peter boswell,
I use one for 22-250 and it is great the ability to size just enough to hold bullets and not wear out the brass with expander dies is worth the price .. Iuse the s type on 25-06 , it works great also
Submitted by:
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