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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG



Lee Load Master

  • A massive press with advanced features. The ram is 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Stroke and clearance sufficient for the largest magnum rifle cases.
  • Loads rifle and pistol rounds with equal ease.
  • Load progressively or singly without spilled powder or components.
  • Five stations so you can Factory Crimp and post size.
  • Accepts all popular brands of dies (7/8 x 14).
  • Automatic indexing with a wedge lock mechanism that will actually
  • Positive and foolproof priming system that is easy and fast to fill.
  • Removable turrets. Change calibers in seconds.
  • Automatic 4 tube case feeder (Pistol calibers).
  • Loaded round ejector and case catcher.
  • Quick change shell plate. No tools required.
  • Grease and oil fittings along with hard chrome plated ram insure a lifetime of service for even the commercial reloader.
  • Easy to empty primer catcher guaranteed to catch every primer.


Suggested Retail Price USD
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User reviews of the Lee Load Master press:
The Lee Load Master is great for those who like to load 3 rounds and clear a jam, then load 4 rounds and adjust something, then, wait, jammed again. I've been reloading since 1985 and bought presses in this order, Lyman Omag, Dillon 450, Dillon 550, Lee Loadmaster and last week Dillon 650. Dillon rocks. The Lee hasn't successfully run 10 rounds in a row.
Submitted by:
Wow...if this was the only place I had checked for reviews before buying my LM, I would have thought Lee had produced the antichrist! Please note the dates of the reviews. All but one are YEARS old. The LM made today has many evolutionary changes since then. I am new (18mos) to the hobby so I'm not the final word ,but I've loaded several thou 9mm with occasional adjustments and cleaning. Yes, there is set up and a few tricks to make it work, but the info is out there and it is not rocket science. Five positions, auto drum powder drop, case feed, and the latest primer system all work fine. Join the Lee FB page for more info along with some up to date vids on YT.
Submitted by:
If you have high blood pressure, you won't live long. Save your money and your health.
Submitted by: Bill
I made the mistake of buying one of these. A nightmare are the words I would use to describe it. Thoroughly unreliable and poorly made - which is why it is cheap I suppose.
Submitted by: John Phillips
Great press, but needs some fine tuning/tweaking by the owner. This requires patience and dilligence by the owner. Once the fine tuning is complete, the pres really cranks out some quantity.
Submitted by: GSPKurt
I have had and used a this press since it first came out have had a few priming issues due to crimped primers. after. Make sure you replace any and all damged parts once you damage plastic priming parts and you will have no problems. I also use a dillon powder measure for rifle round I load .223 , 7.62 x 39 , 45acp appox 10,000 round and everythig still works great only picky part is the bullet feeder needs adjustment time to time for pistol rounds only mostly due to bullet lube on feeder fingers. all in all very good press for the money. I also own a RCBS ammo master and lyman hand press.
Submitted by: Mark P
I wish I had found this forum before I bought my LM. It was great until my first primer exploded and never worked right since. I have a bin full of plastic replacement parts for the priming system and have removed the priming from the machine alltogether and hand prime. Havent had a mishap yet or wasted any primers after 2,000 loads. I also found the OAL of my loaded cartriges inconsistent with the depriming and resizing die in use with the other dies. I now resize and deprime separately. .38 and 357 cases bounce off the machine with the feeder tubes so I have to load them by hand. I have purchased the Breach-Lock press and that is great to use. Just a little slower than the LM. Hope someday I can sell all this Lee stuff and get a Dillon. I should have followed a friends advice "buy cheap, buy twice"..
Submitted by: Philly John
The LM is a machine for those who like to tinker and understand how the systems works. Yes it requires a longer set up time than other progressives. Go to These guys have a great site with videos, guides and a forum to walk you through the set up and any problems along the way. If you like what you see there buy a LoadMaster and save $$$. Like most of Lee's stuff it produces quality and quantity but requires some you to use some brain grease before it does. Time I've got but not the money to burn.
Submitted by:
Priming mechanism is very poor. Using the primer brands specified by Lee I've still had 1 explode. It jams frequently. Push feeder gets ruined an needs re-work or replacement regularly. Powder dispenser is nice for the pistol but the mechanism jerks too much for me to believe the powder is all staying in the cartridge. Powder goes everywhere.
Submitted by:
Lee loadmaster is a great press and well worth the money. Quality is sufficient for handgun use in ipsc shooting. It does however need to be checked every so often, as noted by other reviewers. Priming system and powder drops need to be monitored. Nothing that would make me not buy the press though. For the price difference between this and other presses, I spend that cash on ammo and get in extra practice!
Submitted by: johnjames
I agree, the primer feed and press feature wasn't up to par. The spring that was inside the plunger wasn't enough to extract the plunger before the index operation. I had several of the plastic feeders get destroyed before I ever loaded a shell. I had such bad faith in it I did a re-work of it and haven't destroyed one since. I used a carbide drill to make a hole in the plunger, then I put a dowel pin in the hole and used loctite to hold it fast. I had to use a Dremel tool to take some material off the push arm to make sure the dowel pin wouldn't interfere. It seems reliable so far but I've only reloaded 500 rounds. Also the case feeder doesn't feed relibly especially the last case in the feed tube. Beyond that, I'm happy with the overall performance.
Submitted by:
I have had this for 6+ months now and once I got the bugs worked out it has been functioning well since. 1000-1500 rounds thru it. I did have a LOT of problems with the priming, but a new shell plate adapter fixed all priming issues I had. Because of the fine tuning required, not a good choice for anyone not at least mildly mechanically inclined. I also recommend CCI primers. 15-20 were crushed sideways before replacing the shellplate, but none exploded.
Submitted by: Dale
This is a horrible machine. After loading only 3000 rounds, the indexing would bind every 20-30 rounds. The index is not solid and the shell plate can rotate in either direction as you use the press. Primer misloads occur frequently and the powder dispenser sometimes drops squibs. If you like to tinker and get more jams than loaded rounds, buy 2 of these. I honestly think this machine needs to be recalled.
Submitted by: Jake Denver
I bought my first LM in 2003 and now have 3, each set up for the calibers I load: 9mm, 38 spec and 45acp. LM's are like puppies you can't get mad at them when they mess up because it's their nature until they are house broken. You must have patience and some mechanical skill. I load with Federal primers and have never had one go off. I can load 400 an hour and may have 4 flipped primers sometimes none.
Submitted by: graybyrd
Bought one but found the design to be lacking. Plastic pieces always breaking or deforming. Send it back to Midway for a credit toward my current Hornady LnL AP.
Submitted by: dan
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