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Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG



Lee Pro 1000

Add a bullet and pull the lever; all other operations are automatic. One loaded cartridge with each pull of the lever. Every operation is automatic. Primers, like the powder, are fed only if a case is present. No wasted primers or spilled powder. Alternate loading sequence lets you load only one case at a time. Makes learning easy for the first time user and great for fine adjustments or experimenting. You can start reloading good ammunition minutes after the press is bolted down.


Suggested Retail Price USD
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User reviews of the Lee Pro 1000 press:
i have used and cussed my pro 1000 for many years now , it takes some getting use to, i use to use it for just re-size, prime, bell, as it had skipped 3 powder charges years back so i powder and seat on my two rcbs presses, lately i picked up a lee classic turret and it seems to do fine, i will still use the pro1000 as i have picked up 9 shell plates for it as i don't care to tear it all down just to change calibers. will have TO SAY WHEN IT WORKS IT WORKS GREAT!! i just cranked out 1000 9mm and all went good, went to 45acp and 3 hours later i had 250 rounds done, swapped back to my RCBS STUFF to finish off the 1000 45acp i had started. one day ill sell it all and get a Dillon
Submitted by: chevelle427
I have used two Pro 1000's for a few years and have found them to produce excellent ammo. Yes they can take a little getting use to but once you have gone through the learning stage you will be able to knock out hundreds of quality rounds per hour. In my opinion, for the money, you will not find a better reloading press out there.
Submitted by: Ernie Goldstein
I started with this press and after it fed primers wrong and blew up about 20 of them I gave it away and bought a Dillon xl650. I don't recommend this press to the new shooter at all.
Submitted by:
I purchased several Lee Pro 1000 presses (45 ACP, 45 Colt, 9mm Lugar, 44 Mag, Beowulf) from the Web and found them difficult to use. There is a great deal of feel when it come to loading trouble free ammo. The user has to feel the primer seat on the up stroke as well as the bullet crimp fall over on the down stroke. The other problems are related to primer feeding. If there is even a small amount of spilled powder or oil on the primer feeder tube the loader will not work. If a single primer is missing and powder is delivered to the case the use has to stop and clean everything befor continuing. I keep a Micro-Duster handy for these problems. After consideriable startup problems the Lee Presses are working smoothly and quickly. 500, 50 cal Bwulf takes about 2 hours. Later Ken Sparks Woodbine, MD
Submitted by:
This was given a gift after a free CCW class we did for a friends wife. At first I was frustrated, but I found web videos that help you troubleshoot on their site. I was able to get about a 1,000 38sp done with few problems. Watch it closely, Seating the primers can be tempermental. had to throw away afew that were loaded upside down and sideways. If you're not mechanically inclined you may want to go for a better brand. The powder is consistent. Don't trust the priming though.
Submitted by:
I owned two - one set up for .357 and one for 9mm. After a lot of frustration, I sold one and gave the other one away and bought a Dillon 650. As a side note, the person I gave the one to gave it to his cousin and bought a Dillon also.
Submitted by: Tom S.
I am waiting on my Lee Pro 1000 9mm to arrive but i have used the Pro 1000 for years after you learn how to correctly work the Pro 1000 it can REALLY crank out some topnotch ammo . what more can one ask for . The Pro 1000 can be a little tricky but just keep up learning & there are some very good how to videos that covers just about everything on the Lee Pro 1000
Submitted by:
I am new to reloading, but very mechanical. I bought the Lee 1000 at my 18yr old son's request in 9mm. Best investment ever....He set it up and got it going quickly and now I use it regularly. I can load 250-300 rounds/hr working at a medium pace with out the auto bullet feed. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. You have to pay attention to the steps and develop a touch/feel for the operation. Now I am looking to reload all my ammo... Gary
Submitted by: Gary Graper
Simply put, I have two Lee Pro 1000 Presses. One for 45acp, and the other for 9mm. I also have an early shell plate carrier assembly. After cleaning, and installing a new .380 shell plate. I installed it on one of my presses. To my surprise, the case feeder would not push the .380 shell completely on to the shell plate. It stops 1/2 in. Short! And I have to push the case feeder by hand. I have even purchased a new small shell case feeder replacement system. Still doesn't work. I have used the new straight, and bent z bar and to no luck. Can anyone help? Thanks from the new guy. RWD
Submitted by:
I reload both 9mm and 380 ACP on the Pro 1000. The press is by far the best value on the market. I've reloaded thousands of rounds on mine. It's quirky and takes some getting "used to" but, once I was past the learning curve, it was pretty much smooth sailing. I would recommend it to anyone with moderate to high tinkering" abilities.
Submitted by:
I have used a Pro 1000 & i haven't hade any major probles but this is after i learned how to use the press correctly you really can put out some good shooting ammo with te Pro 1000 but as i stated ONLY after you learn how to keep the press going . I don't think that this press would be for a new reloader thats never use any presses at all . The most problem i had was MAKING SURE that the primer feeder stayed full of primers it it runs too low the problems will begin
Submitted by:
i got one as a gift in 45acp and it works fine i own other lee stuff and have no problem from none of it fast easy cheap
Submitted by: clin t
I have used and own two Pro 1000 in 38/357 and 45 long colt for 6 months. I would recommend this product to any one that has matured past the “I have the best made” and is in the “I need cheap fast quality ammo” stage of reloading. For best success remove every thing associated with priming, including decaping pin and use a lee auto prime. You can install a universal decaping die on a separate turret and smoke through all of your bass quickly. Use the bullet feeder and shell feeder for super fast reloading.
Submitted by:
I have one for 9mm and after some great advice, it puts out just want i want and I dare anyone to stand in front of the gun that shoots the bullets that this press produces!
Submitted by: shootingblanks00
Not a bad press for the price. It takes some getting used to, but with the optional bullet feeder it is very very fast.
Submitted by:
very cheeper , very fast ! ! i can reach 600 bullet/hour.....
Submitted by:
I have this press in .223 and .45acp. This press takes a little babysitting but for under $120.00 this is the best and fastest press on the market. Did I mention that I sell Dillion precision. If you have alot of cash then the Dillon is great but for budget shooters spend the $119.95 and get the Lee.
Submitted by:
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