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Hornady Locl-N-Load AP

The Lock-N-Load AP (Automatic Progressive) reloading press, with the innovative Lock-N-Load bushing system, combines precision engineering with an innovative design. The result is the easiest, ready-to-use reloading press you can buy. Just add dies and start loading consistently accurate rounds.

The Lock-N-Load bushing system will change forever the way you switch from one caliber to another. What used to be your least favorite and most time-consuming task can now be done with the simple flick of the wrist. Lock-N-Load technology allows you to stop loading, change dies and start loading another caliber in a matter of seconds.

With a single pull of the handle, you see and feel precision engineering at work. From the powerful compound leverage to ultra-smooth automatic indexing, you understand just how solid a reloading press can be.

Ask your Hornady dealer to show you the Lock-N-Load AP today. Pull the handle, and watch the smooth rotation of the shell plate. Switch out some dies with the Lock-N-Load die bushings. Study the solid, precise design. Then compare it to competitive brands.

You'll agree that the Lock-N-Load AP is the most efficient and advanced progressive reloading press available today.


Suggested Retail Price USD
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User reviews of the Hornady Locl-N-Load AP press:
This is one of the best presses I have ever used in 25yrs of reloading. I have over 100,00 rounds thru this press in 3yrs. Great product Dan L
Submitted by:
I have had a LNL AP since near Christmas 2010. After using some single stage and a turret press, this thing is like magic. I loaded over 3K rounds the first cycle with this press and it worked like a charm. I also have the case feeder, which makes things fast and easy. Hornady CS is TOPS - they are always very helpful, sincere and also have a sense of humor, which i personally appreciate. I am know around the boards (, etc) as Maryland_Shooter. I have nothing but good things to say about this press. I love it.
Submitted by:
my hornady ap press was plagued with problems from day one,eventually having to be returned to the factory for service. they had it for one month,never acklowledged receipt of the press, nor informed me of the status of the repairs. when returned, the press was vastly improved, but after processing abt. a half-dozen boxes of ammo,it required a replacement part. the factory was shipping it out immediately and i'm hoping to be able to really use the press for some heavy-duty reloading. i find their customer service is not what i expected, their support being rather casual and not at all aggressive.
Submitted by: r.milstein
I have a hornady LNL i bought about a year ago. I have loaded over 3000 38 special for cowboy action shooting. I had some trouble with the primer seater, it wouldn't seat the primers all the way in every time unless i used a lot of force. I have found that using starline brass cured the problem. I started loading 223s and i am having the same problem. I have tried three different brands of brass and it still only seats about 10% of the primers unless i use both hands on the handle. Does anyone have a fix?
Submitted by:
I've own the Lock n Load AP for about 1 1/2 years. I've loaded about 5k rifle rounds and about 2k pistol rounds. I have been very pleased with this press. Only a few issues but all where easily resolved. An earler post said he was having issues with seating primers. I've never had to use two hands but I've had some difficulty with some. I've found that if you use a primer pocket uniformer AND chamfer the primer hole they go in extremely easier.
Submitted by: oldblue2
I bought my L-N-L AP in 1995 (serial #1413) and I have been very pleased. Loaded thousands of pistol and rifle rounds. Customer service is top notch and I have always been treated very well. If anything breaks, even if you broke it, they just replace it under their lifetime warranty. I've even tried to pay but they refused and just sent me the part. Going on 16 years of heavy use and the press looks brand new.
Submitted by: rv7pilot
As of 2009 the LNL AP will be featuring a totally redesigned ejection system dubbed "EZject". This is a much needed improvement for smaller diameter rounds. The old ejection wire system was badly flawed and caused the system to bind and finished rounds had to be manually removed. Word is that an upgrade package for older versions will be available from Hornady in March for aproximately $35.
Submitted by:
I bought this AP system for Christmas and was disappointed to find out I still need to order more parts before I can load even the first bullet.i have to order shellplates and dies.why can't they just price it in I mean just charge me for it. Thought the purpose of this machine was to be efficiency. Now I find myself trying to find dealers with the shellplates I need to no avail. But nonetheless it is still going to cost another 150.00 before I can load if I can find the parts, they are all backordered.
Submitted by: Paul
I've had my Lock-n-Load AP press for about four years and am very satisfied. I have also found that their support is very good. A couple of times, they sent me extra parts without being asked, so I've had different experiences from a previous correspondent. I believe it is the best press for the money - by quite a bit. There are other good presses out there, but I don't think they constitute the value the Lock-n-Load AP offers.
Submitted by:
love this press reloaded over 100000 rds without any trouble what so ever dan lawecki
Submitted by:
My Hornady L-N-L press has served me well for 4 years so far, mostly loading .40 sw and .223 Rem. The machine has been easy to operate and the ammo accurate enough for my purposes. I really like the way the shell plate is advanced 1/2 space on the down stroke and 1/2 space on the up stroke, nice and slow. Less powder spillage this way. Only one problem to relate, the loaded cartridge ejector just never worked. Not with .223 and not with .40 sw. Otherwise a very good press.
Submitted by: Flyboy
Have had my Hornady L-N-L AP w/case feeder for about 1 1/2 yrs now loaded around 15000 pistol rds in 9mm,.38spl,.38super,.44mag,.45acp. I really like it. Liked the idea of using my existing dies from single stage days, that case feeder was available, and even chose to use my existing RCBS powder measure in the system instead of the supplied unit. Had to use a few small washers as spacers or shims as RCBS unit is just a bit thinner than Hornady. My choice here is no reflection on the Hornady unit, I'd spent a lot of time polishing and tweeking the RCBS one and was familiar w/it. Found the assembly directions/instructions lacking a bit and was setting up on a holiday w'end so tech support was not available. Good part is that in figuring some of the stuff out on my own I learned the machine very well. The few problems I've had since were caused by "operator error", tech support was very good and gentle with me, replacement parts came quickly at no cost. Quality of ammo produced by this unit has been great, have had no problems what so ever, limitation on my shooting level is me, not equipment or ammo. With what I know today if I were shopping for a reloading system I'd look no further than a case feeder rigged Lock n Load. Should anyone have questions feel free to contact me.
Submitted by: Kevin,
I've had my LNL for about 2 yrs now and have loaded a substantial amount of ammo with it. The case activated powder drop is especially nice and very accuracte. The best way to see its full potential is to have sufficient reloading components on-hand before you start. You can easily run through all your supplies if you're not careful! Would buy it again in a heartbeat.
Submitted by: Johnny K.
Now going on year 2 with the LnL progressive and I could not be happier. Had a few user originated problems on set up but Hornady was fast and dependable with advice and free parts on the things (2) that I ham handled while attempting to "fix" the set up. Now have in excess of 4000 pistol rounds about equally divided between 9mm, 38 and 45 .Churns them out faster than I can buy powder. Did step up and buy the powder thru expander for the press and it really is a nice set up while opening up a station for a powder checker-I like the safety feature of seeing the Powder Cop telling me I have it stoked OK. Would I purchase it again- You bet. Ease of swapping out calibers, reasonable price and it works as advertised. What's not to like.
Submitted by: Gary Banas
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