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Lee Turret Press

This is the best buy in reloading presses - power and strength to spare, plus unequalled convenience. The Turret Press is suitable for loading all rifle and pistol cases, but really shines when loading large quantities of handgun ammunition. No press can match the convenience and only a true progressive press is faster. The T-shaped primer arm is easily reversed for large or small primers.


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User reviews of the Lee Turret Press press:
I originally bought the Lee 3 turret press and eventually bought the upgrade kit to make it into a 4 turret press. I have loaded thousands of rounds of .45 Colt, .357 magnum and soon .45 ACP. It has been an excellent tool. The "slop" in the turret another poster mentioned is there in mine as well, but, it is so small that its effect is negligible - especially when reloading pistol and range loads. When you are setting up your dies you automatically adjust the dies for any slop as you set them up - no problem. It affects nothing. Of course, my turret press is one of the old style models. From what I have read lately, their new classic cast and breech lock models may have ironed out even this minor flaw. It's an excellent press at any price.
Submitted by:
I have had the Lee 3-Hole Turret Press for about 2 years and have loaded about 3000 rounds of 9mm Luger. Also use it to reload 7mm WSM, 7mm-08, 380 ACP, 38 special, 357 Mag, and 44 Mag. Could not be happier with the press. I reload in large quantities at a time whenever possible and do it in steps. Had similar problems with the spent primers not going through the hole and did the same drilling to enlarge the hole but just put a trash can under the arm to catch the spent primers. Great Press, Great Price, and would recommend to anyone.
Submitted by:
This is my first press. It is the auto indexing, three hole version. To date, I have loaded about 1300 rounds of .38 special and .380 acp. Positives: + Very easy to change calibers (less than a minute) if your dies are already set in a spare turret. + Very affordable. I paid $70 on sale from Midway USA; special promotion included .38 special dies. + Buying additional set of dies and a spare turret is only a $30 investment per caliber. + Produces consistent ammo. + Working at a relaxed pace, I produce about 150 rounds an hour. Good compromise between a single stage and a progressive press. Negatives - Spent primers go everywhere. - The primer arm will get jammed by spent primers falling in the arm well. The hole at the bottom of the well isn't large enough to guarantee the spent primer will fall through. I solved this problem by enlargign the hile with a 1/4" drill bit. - Some minor indexing by hand is required between the priming stroke and the flaring stroke. - Some minor tweaking is needed to get the press to index fully and feed cases consistently into the die. In general, I like this product and feel it is a very good value. It has minor idiosynchracies that make it less than perfect, but it produces very good ammo at a reasonable rate, and is easy to use.
Submitted by: R. Stern
I got one of the 4 die Lee classic turret presses when they first came out. The first thing I did was take off everything that made it index and the primer seater. I have a small Cheapo Lee single stage(cost $14 @ the time) and uses it with a deprimeing die and uses a Lee handprimer. It works perfect for normal reloading of rifle and pistol cases. For anything heavy duty, I have an old(60s) cast iron C&H Gardena California single stage , such as reforming cases and push through bullet sizering. I can change the die set and shell holder in 15sec.
Submitted by:
This is a fantastic press. I have had the 4-hole classic cast press for over a year now, and it can't be beat. It's not as fast as a progressive, but you watch each round as it is "built" and it is easier to spot a problem, should it arise (which is very rare). Money well spent, in my opinion.
Submitted by: GSPKurt
I have the Classic Turret Press w/ 4 hole turrets. I use the auto disc Pwdr Measure and safety scale w/ no problems. I only load at about 100 rnds / hoour since I caliper every round. The press handles 380 ACP all the way thru high power rifle. I have had extremely good results when you factor in accuracy, case life, ease of caliber change and reliability. There are several other good systems, this just happens to work well for me and my demanding reloading partners.
Submitted by: LTUSMC
For the most part the Lee turret press is a great press and a heck of a bargain compared to the competitors. In my experience the only drawback on the press is the slop in the turret milling. It seems to vary from turret to turret. This can be a problem when seating your bullet for a critical C.O.L. That is why I still use a single stage for seating. The other turrets on the market seem to be plagued with the same problem also. I guess it is just inherent to the design.
Submitted by: B. J. Davis
I have been using the 4 hole auto-indexing version of this press for about a year now and am very happy with it. I load both rifle and pistol ammo and it make it very easy to change calibers. simply get a turret for each set of dies and once the dies are setup it is as simple as swapping turrets. The auto-indexing feature is great for turning our large quantities of pistol ammo. Simply remove the indexing rod and it operates as a single stage press which is great for rifle loading. I researched a lot of equipent when I bought this kit and decided on this just for economy, didn't know if reloading was something I would stick with, and now I am glad I chose the Lee. Anything else would have been overspending.
Submitted by: Ryan P.
I really like my Lee classic turret press. You have to tweek the index a little at times to line it up but that is it. Get a spare turret and change dies in seconds. I can liesurely make 100 rounds of 9 mm or 38 spec in and hour and a half.Picking up dropped primers from the floor sometimes slowes me down. I think Lee Precision is fantastic for the money. The powder die riser could be a tad longer.
Submitted by:
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