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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG



reloadersnest Interactive Reloading Guide
Can a printed reloading manual be interactive? Yes, we believe this one is. Every day reloaders around the world submits data to ReloadersNest and this booklet is kept updated. In fact all data available from ReloadersNest, both in this booklet and on our website, originates from reloaders willing to share their load and knowledge with the rest of us.  

The printed reloading manual is available in the following calibers:

  .17 Mach IV
.17 PPC
.17 Remington
.218 Bee
.22 Hornet
.220 Swift
.221 Remington Fireball
.222 Remington
.222 Remington Magnum
.22-250 Remington
.223 Remington
.243 Winchester
.25-06 Remington
.257 Weatherby Magnum
.260 Remington
.270 Winchester
.280 Remington
.300 Remington Ultra Magnum
.300 Savage
.300 Winchester Magnum
.30-06 Springfield
.303 British
.308 Winchester
.338 Lapua Magnum
.338 Winchester Magnum
.45-70 Government
.458 Winchester Magnum
6.5x55 Mauser
7.5x55 Swiss
7.62x54R Russian
7mm Remington Magnum
7mm STW
7mm-08 Remington
7x57 Mauser
Example pages

Complete Reloading Manual

The Complete Reloading Manual is a compilation based on all rifle calibers with at least one load from this site.
It has the same layout and load presentation as the single caliber booklet above, except there is no caliber presentation in the full manual (this saves the book for 311 pages).
The book contains 311 calibers and 9557 loads. 549 pages in 8x5 inch Perfect-Bound binding.

The ReloadersNest Complete Rifle Reloading Manual is the reloaders world counterpart to the phonebook. -No fancy pictures or fun reading, but tons of information in "brick-sized" book.

As an introduction offer the book will be sold for 28.47 USD (this is the printing costs of the book! Ordinary price will be 34.99 USD). This introduction offer will only be offered throughout February 2005.


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