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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG




.22 K-Hornet

8 loads available in .22 K-Hornet with bullet equal "Barnes X". Click on LoadID to show all the details for the given load.
(Sorted by bullet weight)

LoadID Bullet weight Powder Velocity
4872 53 grs Hodgdon H4198 2195 fps
4873 53 grs Hodgdon H4227 2208 fps
4874 53 grs Hodgdon H110 2274 fps
4875 53 grs Hodgdon Lil'Gun 2552 fps
4876 53 grs Hodgdon H4198 2386 fps
4877 53 grs Hodgdon H4227 2366 fps
4878 53 grs Hodgdon H110 2379 fps
4879 53 grs Hodgdon Lil'Gun 2695 fps

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Bullet review
From Africa Hi all ye salties there in some other continent. I have hunted in Africa(my home) with Barnes X bullets for 8 years now, ranging in calibres from 243 to 416, and taken more than 500 head of game in that period, and have yet to come accross a better hunting bullet. Seccond in Accuracy only to Sierra and Frontier Bullets(made in SA, much like Barnes) so far. I have only twice had bullets not expanding for some reason, but compared to failures I have had from, PMP, Sierra, Hornady and Nosler, I would rather have a solid that penetrates once in a while than another fragmenting when it hits a bit of Bone. We African farmers also use all our meat and Barnes X saves a lot of bruising. I don't suppose its fair for someone to judge these bullets on one game animal only...
Submitted by: PietSkiet
I like the original barnes X bullet. it was accurate and terminal on game. i doo tire of Barnes continually changing the shape. i really dislike the triple shocks as the length is just to difficult to acconidate in my rifles. All bullets from the manufacturs work well if used within the velocity they were developed for.any bullet that strikes a bone dead center is a toss up to how it will perform. As reloaders we always seem to push our bullets beyond the velocty for which they were developed.
Submitted by: D Hulihan
I use the Barnes TSX, TTSX & MRX in various calibers. Heard some complaints about lack of expansion in deer sized animals. The Barnes copper/copper + alloy bullets work best if you drop down a weight class or two from what you'd normally use with conventional bullets. I use 165 grain X bullets for moose where I used to use a 180 grain conventional bullet. I use 130 or 150 grain X bullets for deer where I used to use 165 grain conventional bullets. Keep the velocities up & you won't have any trouble with expansion & drop like a bag of hammers kills. Barnes X bullets do not fragment like conventional bullets & the plastic tips on the TTSX & MRX help maximize ballistic coefficients in lighter bullet weights to keep downrange velocities high. Downloading X bullets is NOT a good idea because as I've said before the higher the velocity the better the performance.
Submitted by: pricedo
They went one better, there is currently an 80gr tipped TSX for .257, should be awesome in your gun. Good luck.
Submitted by: X- Shooter
Thanks for the advice x shooteer. i tried the new triple shocks in the 100 grain and they shot extremely well.Hope to try the mrx,x soon.Ijust wish barnes would bring the 85 grain back in a tsx.It would be awsome in a 250 savage or the robers.
Submitted by: southren alberta hunter
To Southern Alberta Hunter, The key words in your review are "old" X-Bullets. The 85gr X has been discontinued for 3-4 years. The technology behind the X bullet has come a long way since then. Copper composition, cavity design, tipped bullet offerings, etc. I understand that on game performance speaks to the hunter, but to damn the X bullets when u you used old product isn't fair to the product. I have used X bullets since 1991 starting with a 280 Rem with cartridges from 7-300 Wby to .375 Wby, currently a 338 RUM. Accuracy and results on deer and elk have been nothing short of impressive. Sorry your experience wasn't better, but try new 80 or 100gr Tipped TSX. I just built a .257 ACK w/ Pacnor Polygonal barrel, under 3/4" groups in first 100 rounds. Deer drop in tracks.
Submitted by: X- Shooter
Loaded some old 85 grain X bullets for my 257 roberts.After playing with a few loads i found one that gave me the degree of accuracy that i was looking for.A few days ago i was out settling the crosshairs on the chest of a big mulie,the shot was about 80 yards the buck flinched as the firts bullet passed through his chest and hit the dirt about 20 yards behind him the second shot at about 110 yards did the same thing the buck finally lied downed a died about 140 yards from the intial shot.upon gutting and skinning the deer i notice both shots had little more than "penciled" through the vitals with little or no expansion to say i wass pissed off the with what happened was an understatment.Maybe these bullets belong with Derrick and the boys in africa cause i wont use them or any b product from barnes again.
Submitted by: southren alberta hunter
To derrick in S. Africa. Lead is denser than copper, therefore, an X bullet is longer weight for weight than a lead core. A 180gr 30 cal X is at least as long a 200gr lead core. This fact in some cases will limit case capacity if you shoot an X bullet of equal weight of a lead core. As for people who complain about X bullet accuracy, try reading the loading tips section of the Barnes manual. Regardless of how long you have loaded, the X bullet is different. It does indeed have a center of gravity, dispite one reviewers ignorance. I have hunted with X's since 1991 and what they make today far surpasses anything in the past, even the last few years.
Submitted by: Scott W
I concur with Stephen W that no other bullet performs better than the X on African game. Just one question, and hopefully Stephen W can write back to me,: why is it stated to always use a lighter X than what you normally would use on your specific calibre? Whithout knowing why, I have found exactly this, the 250gr X performs much better than the standard 286gr used in 9,3 x 62. Derick - Limpopo South Africa.
Submitted by: Derick - South Africa
I hunt non dangerous game smaller than elk with a 270win believing anything larger is a waist of meat and gun. I tried the 140gr bullet in Laue of my normal favorite nosler partition on a whim. After climbing to the top of a ridge to have a look we spied a group of bucks on the next ridge. They began to down there ridge toward stream at the bottom. I held over about a yard and into the wind about the same justifying the shot by thinking no way, but way; it dropped and I was far enough to see the impacting my scope! the bullet broke the spine between the shoulders and exited the left thigh. With vary little meat damage. Ive been using them ever since. Best bullet out there and theres no led fragmentation to worry about the kids eating.
Submitted by: C.Gardner

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