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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG




.223 Remington

4 loads available in .223 Remington with bullet equal "Sierra HPBT". Click on LoadID to show all the details for the given load.
(Sorted by bullet weight)

LoadID Bullet weight Powder Velocity
9359 55 grs IMR 4198 3100 fps
10633 55 grs Hodgdon Benchmark 3140 fps
10634 55 grs Hodgdon Benchmark 3159 fps
8152 69 grs IMR 3031 0 fps

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Bullet review
For years I used the 70 HPBT Sierra Match pill in .243Win for hunting with Good results in my Rem:788 (First model)it was a good Roo load for Head or chest shots. also it was good on foxes, cats ,rabbits etc: I took it hunting Donkeys in the N.T. it was deadly with frontal head shots on Donkeys at 100 and 150Yards shattering all of the bone in the skull and popping the eyes out onto the donkeys cheeks with instant death every time it was very effective, The Load was IMR4350 DuPont powder ( AR2209 Equivalent) with Winchester cases CCI Primers the exact charge weight is now lost to me as I don't own a .243Win any more and my early loading data book also lost some years ago, many said that IMR4350 as to slow for a .243 70 grain bullet But I found that the muzzle flash was very small at night. Well placed this pill will kill we out of its category with fine accuracy, and in my book accuracy and placement are more important than speed.
Submitted by: AussieHunter
My choice for the .243 bore and varmits. In the 6mm Rem 49 grains H4831 yields 3255 feet per sec. and 1/2" groups in the old 788. In the 243 Win 37 grains H4895 yields 3110 feet per sec. and 5/8" groups in my father's pre-64 model 70.
Submitted by: Woodsman
i load this projectile with 44 grains 2209 mulwex/ ADI.accurate. Very destructive,on roos,foxes bunnies dingoes cats.very good spotlighting load. Works well on fallow deer,but i dont use it for trophy hunting, prefer controlled expansion bullets.
Submitted by: mic
I've loaded several different bullets for my 223, but so far the Sierra 52 gr HPBT Matchking is the most accurate. Haven't tried it on dogs yet...still playing with my new 204! Load for 223 is 28 grs Win 748
Submitted by: BA
I reload my weatherby .308 win with 165 gr sierra hpbt in front of 43.5 gr of ar2206 using winchester brass and cci 200 primers with oal of 70.5 mm. I have found this load to be quite accurate in this rifle, averages .58 moa in a four shot group, can't wait to see how they perform on game.
Submitted by: K.Ryan
Long time standard varmint bullet for my 6mm Rem. 40-XB. For years used 46.0 gr. IMR-4350, CCI-200BR primer, W-W cases for 3350 fps with this bullet. This projectile is as accurate as any match bullet (always under .5 MOA in the 40-XB and expands violently at any range, even at low remaining velocities. Often will not exit on a large chuck. Lately have been using the 90 gr. Berger HPBT because of its better BC. So far terminal performance with it has been good on varmints, but my experience is limited. I've shot literally many hundreds of chucks, crows, and a couple of foxes with the 6mm Sierra, however, with always spectacular terminal results.
Submitted by: jtm
Excellent deer bullet. More than 5 one shot kills on Michigan upper Peninsula deer. From a 250lb. 10 point to a button.
Submitted by: thall
This is my fave load in my remington 700 220 swift. 40 grns mri 4850 52 grain bthp give this load a try and see what you think of it. i have sint a manny yoats to yoatie heaven with this load. some at 400 yards now thats a load thats hard to beat.
Submitted by: yoatie slayer

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