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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG




.338-06 Ackley Improved

4 loads available in .338-06 Ackley Improved with bullet equal "Nosler Ballistic Tip". Click on LoadID to show all the details for the given load.
(Sorted by bullet weight)

LoadID Bullet weight Powder Velocity
7977 180 grs IMR 4064 3050 fps
8219 200 grs Alliant Reloader 15 0 fps
8346 200 grs IMR 4350 0 fps
9187 200 grs IMR 4350 2871 fps

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Bullet review
Loaded in range brass 30_06 for browning BAR. 50grain hodgdon H335. 7/8" 3 shot group at 100 yards.
Submitted by: Swampshooter3006
Loaded 140gr Nosler BT in 7mm rem ultra mag. This bullet was more accurate than lots of others I tried in this caliber! Killed 1 mule deer,1 pronghorn, and many white tails with this bullet and performance was awesome, at 3500fps they dropped in their tracks! I just bought a custom Nesika in 7mm rem mag and again the bullet was best for accuracy, shoots .4" at 100 yds with rl22 at 3150fps!
Submitted by: Stan Stewart
I used this bullet for several years for deer because it shot so well in my Rem 760. Last year I hit a medium sized mule deer in the upper humerus (deltoid process for you anatomists) at about 200 yds and it failed to penetrate into the chest to put him down. It took two more rounds to stop him. At that point I decided that I needed a heavier bullet so I went to the 180gr Accu-Bond. The last 3 deer I shot in the shoulders with the Accubond went DRT (down right there).
Submitted by: T. Wood
Dropped a 125 lb pronghorn buck @ 280yds with a 100gr bt in Black Hills Gold 3200fps factory load in New Mexico. Impact under rt shoulder broke upper front leg and destroyed both upper lungs. No exit wound. Surprisingly, goat moved 10-15 yds before folding and was still alive but down and fading fast when I got up to him. Finished the job with speer 87gr hand load @ close range. Lungs were jelly. Goat age est was 2-3 years old. Note: I am astounded with the stories of overgunned hunting for deer, antelope and varments. Why not use a bazooa??
Submitted by: WmC
Used the 70gr and 80gr 6mm BTs in my 240 Laser (6mm X 280 with shoulder moved forward .250 and changed to 40 degrees)with a 1-7 twist barrel. At 4,100 fps the 70gr BT would hold together, is very accurate and explosive on a yote out to 500, just leaving parts closer in. The gun was built to shoot ground squirrels with and is a red mister of the first order.
Submitted by: Ed
345, 220, 195 yards full penetration of elk, and at 6' full-very full- penetration of black bear, 15 deer that I never had to track. Coyotes go backwards in time, and accuracy is better than 1 moa in my 270 and 300 win mag. 165gr in 308, 140 in 270. You can keep the all copper drill bits. This is the serious bullet.
Submitted by: Big Jake Duke
Im using a 115 gr ballistic. 3 animals all one shot kills. 2 antelopes and a mulie at ranges of 300-450 yds. bullet performed excellent. holds a 5/8" group @ 200yds. may try a partition next year.
Submitted by: mark308
I have been using 100 gr. BT for years in a Ruger 77 and a Rem. 700 on Pronghorns and Whitetails. I have never had any kind of bullet failure at any distance. On a recent Pronghorn hunt, it accounted for 2 bucks, both with destroyed lungs and good sized exit wounds.
Submitted by: jcn
I currently shoot 165g Nosler ballistic tips in my 300 win mag. I use that load for deer and never chased a deer, they ALL drop dead in there tracks even with an accidental gut shot! Ive killed 6 deer with this load 10-150 yards. My load- win virgin brass, 72g 4831, 165 nosler ballistic tip bullets 3200fps = 0.5 inch groups.
Submitted by: Rick
Ruger MK II VT in 308, 165 grain ballistic tip, shooting 4 inches or less @ 350 yards. 7mm WSM 140 grain one shot kill whitetail doe 35 yards, massive lung damage and bleeding. Excellent accuracy for me and a dependeable killer on deer and smaller if not shooting into bone (shoulder). Very deadly in my 22-250 AI explosive results on varmints.
Submitted by: Coyote50

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