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Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG




.338-06 Ackley Improved

1 loads available in .338-06 Ackley Improved with bullet equal "Swift A-Frame". Click on LoadID to show all the details for the given load.
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LoadID Bullet weight Powder Velocity
10613 225 grs Alliant Reloader 15 2620 fps

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Bullet review
loaded some 250 grainers for my 9.3x62.with no hunting season on i bought a buffalo/boar combo hunt.I dropped a smallish cow buffalo at about 100 yards and areally nice boar at about 50 in thick cover.the bullets worked to a tee.the recovered bullets looked like they came right from a magazine advertisement.The only drawback is that they do not shoot in all rifles.possibly because of their thick copper jacket and large bearing surface they should cut relief grooves like barnes did this would improve accuracy for starters.a great partion bullet
Submitted by: southren alberta hunter
An abbreviated review: 150 gr. A-Frame .270 WCF. 59.5 gr. Rl-22; Win cases; 215 Fed GMM primers. Accuracy 3/4" @ 100 yards. MV 3040 fps. Shot a bull moose in Ontario October 2008. Bullet entered left shoulder broad-side, breaking both shoulders and the spine. Bullet recovered under hide on right shoulder. Bullet not weighed, but displayed consistent mushroom. The front core lost most of its lead due to smearing - most likely from the heavy amount of bone encoutered. Bull dropped at the shot (obviously); range was 242 yards, lasered. Impact velocity approx. 2400-2500 fps. As the hit was high in the lungs, a follow-up shot was required. 2nd shot at less than 30 yards, through neck just under head. This bullet broke the vertibrae and was found in the neck muscle; bullet had its front core smeared off & the rear core exited the front/middle side of the jacket (core not recovered). In short, this second bullet was literally "inside-out." The first bullet was a picture perfect advertisement. Second bullet, while experiencing significant fragmentation, performed well in my opinion, especially considering the high impact velocity and bone encountered. In summary, I was very impressed with bullet performance and would have no hesitations using this bullet on even the heaviest non-dangerous game in North America.
Submitted by: Chris Meier
This is absolutely the best custom bullet available, well worth the price. I have used the A-Frame in 300 Weatherby and 388 win mag. All bullets that were recovered looked exactly like "the perfect mushroom". These bulleys have retained an average of 85% of their original weight. I have used them on 5 bull elk, 2 mule deer bucks and a very large black bear. No animal required more than one shot. The bear actually dropped in his tracks. The bullet entered the right front shoulder and exited the left ham. This was well in excess of 4 ft. of penetration. I will use nothing else, I just hope that they will always be available during my life time. I just completed the build on a custom Winchester Model 70 in 416 Taylor. I plan on testing the 400 gr. 416 A-Frames in Alaska.
Submitted by: Don Rose
I'm from the southeast, and theirs nothing down here big enough to really shoot with a 338. remington ultra mag. But after reading trajectories and being very impressed with the freagin energy on it, i had to buy one. Sure alot of my buddies give me a hard time about it, asking me if i'm going elephant hunt'in anytime soon. The poor coyotes, and deer don't stand a freagin chance against this kind of caliber,I shot a coyote the other day in the chest, and by the time the bullet came out you could have stuffed a cantaloupe in his backside. All in all One more great round by Remington.
Submitted by: Big Jon
During a Spring Black Bear Hunt in Southeast Alaska, I cheated and purchased Remington Premium Ammunition utilizing the 250 Grain Swift A-Frame bullet (fired from a Remington Model 700 Sendero .338 Remington UltraMag) instead of reloading my own. ***In my defense, my reloading equipment was still in storage after a recent move!!*** Anyway, I shot a 6'8" black bear from 390 yards when he presented a perfect broadside shot. The shot was made at a fairly steep uphill angle. What happened next begs the question "WHAT IS FASTER THAN IMMEDIATELY" Because that is how fast the bear died. It just dropped and slid down the mountain approximately 100 yards without ever moving again. It didn't twitch, thrash, or even make a 'death doodie.' The A-Frame bullet almost completely knocked the heart out of the bear, and didn't cause any appreciable devastation to the hide. In fact, the bullet expended its energy inside the bear's body perfectly and was lodged in the bear's hide on the opposite side of the entrance wound. What more could a guy ask for?!
Submitted by: Entry_1
After years of trying I was finally drawn this spring for the alberta residents only Grizzly bear tag.With the southren sector of the province closed down we ventured north to my draw zone. With a shortened season and changed dates.It was a snowy cold affair and after a week of hunting we saw just two small bears.Mid week My partner spotted a really good silvertip Boar on the side of a mountain after a hour long stalk we got about 90 yrds from the great bear,he was walking away from us so I settled the crosshairs between his shoulders and let fly.The 180 grain out of my 30-06 flattned him on the spot there was no kicking or thrashing or running into heavy scrub,there was also no need for another shot.The A frame had killed him in a instant.I have used A frames on moose elk and deer with the same results, that is why I used them on what might be the final grizz seson here in Alberta.The bear square over 8 feet,The bullet is what I expected from the A frame.Perfect expansion and high degree of retention.I would have not even thought about using any of the other bonded bullet that is on the market.I would like to wish all the hunters on this site a safe and enjoyable 2004 hunting season,good luck to you all
Submitted by: Jerry C
The swift A frame bullet has just made my old custom 6.5 magnum my favorite hunting rifle again.Using the 120 grain bullets and 59 grains of h-4831,giving me about 3200fps out of a 25 inch barrel,I have dropped one big alberta whitetail .The whitetail scored a net of 170 and weighed in at 250 plus,the shot was about 310yrds with a howling west wind and blowing snow,at the shot the deer simply fell over and did not flinch.The bullet retained about 95% of its weight and had the best expansion I have yet seen.This year I got an elk draw and a mule deer draw so I expect my 6.5 mag will get another work out unless I decide on shooting my mulie with my 240 weatherby loaded with swift siroccos.IMHO swift bullets are the best of the bonded core bullets for the money paid.I hope all my fellow hunters have a safe and rewarding season,good luck
Submitted by: Barry
We shot two Cape Buffalo and a Lion with the 300 Gr. A-Frame in 375 H&H loaded by Remington. The Lion went down at 60 Yards with a shot through both shoulders. The Cape Buffalo each took 3 Shots and went less than 40 yards each. Neck and Heart Lung shots. one bullet from each Buffalo recover on off shoulder. Perfect Mushroom. Don't use Barnes X bullet on lion, they just go through without expanding.
Submitted by: Matthew N
Using .30-06 with the Federal High Energy round with a 180 grain A-Frame the load reflected 2,800 FPS from a 22 inch barrell. Two shoots on an Alaskan Moose at about 250 yards resulted in:one bullet through the lungs and through the offside shoulder resulted in expansion to .62 caliber with retained weight of 178 grains bullet was in offside hide; ;the second bullet was through both shoulders in the offside hide-expanded to .62 caliber and weighted 172 grains. Both bullets reflected an mushroom that looked like and advertisement. Best bullet that I have used in 35 years of hunting.
Submitted by: Tom
I have used Swift A Frames in 30, 338, 358, and 458 calibers. On a trip to New Zealand I used a 300 Win Mag and 165 Swifts at 3100 fps taking red stag and fallow deer. No bullet recovery, full penetration. In 338 I have taken several african species including zebra with the 275 gr Swift. I also took a 9 1/2 ft brown bear in Alaska at 20 yards through both shoulders. Any recovered bullets were perfect expansion, bone crushing penetration. In my 358 STA running a 280 Swift A at 2825 I have taken eland, elk, and several smaller animals, again terminal performance was perfect. In 458 I have taken 3 lions, 1 cape buffalo, sable, kudu, & one of my hunting buddys has taken 1 lion and 1 cape buffalo, 1 moose with a 400 gr Swift A at 2325 fps. Once again terminal performance was perfect in each case. All bullets recovered retain 95% or more of the original weight, and in many cases 100%. Expansion is text book perfect, and many of these bullets crunched through heavy bone. All loads showed to be very accurate in several different rifles giving 3/4" groups at 100 yards in the case of 338 and 358 caliber. No loads went over 1 1/4 inches at 100. If you need a good bullet to crunch through heavy bone and get to the vitals, then if you are not using a Swift A you may come up short.
Submitted by: Michael

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