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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG




.243 Winchester

14 loads available in .243 Winchester with bullet equal "Berger VLD". Click on LoadID to show all the details for the given load.
(Sorted by bullet weight)

LoadID Bullet weight Powder Velocity
2081 95 grs Vihtavuori N560 2733 fps
2082 95 grs Vihtavuori N560 2824 fps
2083 95 grs Vihtavuori N560 2915 fps
2084 95 grs Vihtavuori N560 2994 fps
2085 95 grs Vihtavuori N560 3039 fps
2086 95 grs Vihtavuori N560 3108 fps
2087 95 grs Vihtavuori N560 3187 fps
9918 95 grs Vihtavuori N160 3071 fps
9919 95 grs Vihtavuori N160 3222 fps
9920 95 grs Vihtavuori N165 3099 fps
9921 95 grs Vihtavuori N165 3189 fps
10626 95 grs Vihtavuori N165 3024 fps
11111 105 grs Norma MRP 2980 fps
11112 105 grs Norma MRP 3110 fps

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Bullet review
My 12-year-old son used a 168 gr. Berger VLD fired from his .30-06 on an elk bull at approximately 100 yds. The animal dropped immediately and never took another step. The entry wound left a light blood-spot about an inch in diameter. There was no exit wound, and the heart was liquified. With an instant down on a 330 bull and almost 100% meat recovery, I will not be likely to use anything else!
Submitted by: Dan
in reponse to murray r.coy about bullet. i load 90 gr retumbo and get 3150fps. he should learn to shoot if i hit anything in neck with this bullet they are dead-one shot. i know 50 yds is close for this much power but dont tell me a nosler would do better.
Submitted by: 4 power
These bullets are awesome. Using the 210 grain Berger VLD out of my custom .300 Win. Mag, I have shot an elk at 602 yards, hit it in the shoulder and she was dead before she hit the ground. Also shot a deer at 883 yards with the same results. Accuracy is unbelievable and the terminal performance is excellent as well.
Submitted by: .300winmag
Just wanted to add I have taken several deer and one antelope with this bullet and all but one went down, like struck by lightning. The one that didn't was hit one inch inside the hair line a little low and far back, and drug itself around in a 15ft area but had expired by the time I arrived on scene, and managed to mostly field dress itself which was nice. After returning home I heard there had in fact been a magnitude 1.2 earthquake within 500 miles of my location and around the exact time I had taken the shot, explaining the poor shot placement entirely. After that I decided to never worry about needing another shot to finish the job with this bullet, though I never go into the field with just 1 bullet, I have the confidence in this one that one is all I'll need, we'll per animal. A friend of mine once shot 17 coyotes on this property in one sitting and claims to this day they were coming straight towards him, so I always take 20 rounds with me.
Submitted by: Jack
Nothing better on the market. Shot a bull moose at 50 yards. 2 blood trails, massive damage. Still went 80 yards, but I've seen that happen with a 50 bmg. Could have kept shooting like some others have done, but I have complete confidence in this bullet. Try it and you'll know why. Yeah I lost some rib meat but it's what I call a humane wound channel, my dog has never complained about eating blood shot meat, and he gets more of it now that I use VLD's.
Submitted by: Jack
Used the 105gr Berger VLD in my 240 Laser (a 6mm X 280 with the shoulder moved forward .250 and changed to 40 degrees) driven to a velocity of 3,800 fps. The bullet has a very tough jacket and held together in in a 1-7 twist. The best group shot with the gun was 4 inches, yep, 4 inches at 1,000 yards that is. Fair shooting for the big rifle and the Berger pills :-) It is death on ground squirrels and other furry critters and just cuts a yote in half.
Submitted by: Ed
shot a bull moose with 210 gr. berger vld from a 300rum ;96grainsretumbo .distance was 50yds. facing headon ; should have used 303 british with steeljackets for same effect;comepletely passed through fulllength;followed by 1 broadside lung shot which was another .308 pinhole;followed up by a hamshot & 2 neck shots. If you think I will never load this for hunting again you are righton.I"ll go back to Nosler partitions
Submitted by: Murray r.Coy
email berger to see if the little 22 cal vld would be ok on antelope. The answer was yes and at 420 yards from my 22-250 ackley they were right. Only left one of the offside lobes of the lungs in tact. Everything else north of the diaphragm was destroyed. Full exit and about 14 inches of penetration. Looked like someone had slit a tiny and dropped a grenade inside.
Submitted by: monarchelk
I shot a nice six point buck at 375 yards and it went straight down without a twitch.
Submitted by: Hank
I shot a doe at 505 yrds and droped in her tracks!!!Exellent bullet shot another at 410 yrds same results.
Submitted by: Bruce

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